About Us

Istanbul Defence Systems

As Istanbul Defence Systems, a subsidiary of Pavo Group, we have been developing products and innovative products in defence and security since 2003, our foundation year.
We carry out our activities to provide solutions.

Thanks to the systems we have developed, we offer integrated solutions in the civil and military fields, and we continue to serve in the national and international market with our staff of over 1,000.

Our goal is to contribute to meeting Turkey's defence needs with niche products that can be game changers. In this context, we develop our products as product families that can fulfill different purposes. We take care that our products, which we design with flexible architectures to meet all needs, are easy to use, maintain, and integrate. At the same time, we prepare our possible products for both civil and military use.
We continue our work in the valley of informatics by developing electro-optical systems used in the products of Pavo Group companies with our staff, all experienced in the defence field.

Our Values Define Our Boundaries

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Vision & Mission

To be the technological solution provider company sought in the national and international defence and security markets with indigenous products by efficient and sustainable growth.

To provide high-value-added, innovative, and reliable products, services, and solutions to national and international customers in defence and security.

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Our Values

  • To enable our personnel to develop their skills.
  • To be a company that respects people and the environment
  • To produce national, global, and original products.
  • Working with our passion and ethical values while embracing teamwork.
  • To provide sustainable quality products and services.